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Substance Abuse & Dual Diagnosis

Overcoming substance abuse is one of the most difficult tasks one encounters in life. After so many years, it’s very hard to break a habit that for most do it every single day. Taking the first step of getting help is the most crucial thing one can do. Our addiction treatment counseling will help you on the path to overcome whatever substance you may be fighting.

Mary Ann Barr Phd, Inc. is here to serve as the mentor of your journey to breaking the habit. Don't dull the pains of the past with an easy drug fix. Confront them head on and prove to not only those who love you, but most importantly yourself, that there really is nothing you cannot do. Rest assured, you will be in good hands when you come for substance abuse treatment. We also specialize in dual diagnosis and develop treatment plans for each illness.

There is no problem that you can’t overcome. With the right help of our counseling, you can find that the best in life is still ahead of you. For more information on our counseling services, contact Mary Ann Barr Phd, Inc. in Mill Valley, CA today!