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Trauma Therapist in Mill Valley, CA

Trauma Therapist

Dealing with any type of trauma or substance abuse can be a difficult time for anyone. Especially from childhood abuse, it can be a tough transition to get closure. Personal actions and reflections can really help a person. That’s why you come to the practice of our trauma therapist, to receive the help you need. Mary Ann Barr Phd, Inc. can provide you with professional assistance whether you are dealing with post traumatic stress disorder or addiction.

The abuse may have happened a long time ago, but the trauma of it happening in general will never leave a human’s mind. With some proper help, there are better ways to deal with the trauma. Our psychologist will teach you the healthy coping strategies as well as the unhealthy coping strategies in order to differentiate between the two. You’ll go over the trauma and safety issues, to be aware of the feelings each bring.

As a psychologist, Mary Ann Barr Phd, Inc. can provide you with comprehensive psychological evaluations. We offer individual, family and couples counseling so that everyone gets the help they need. From depression and ADHD to addiction treatment, we offer you the expert help you need to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life.

Trauma is hard to deal with alone. However, you don’t have to go through it alone. Contact Mary Ann Barr Phd, Inc. in Mill Valley, CA to find help today.

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